Inventory Management System

IMS is cloud computing system, which provides you with the solution to manage your raw and finished product inventory for production or manufacturing company.

Inventory Management System
Online Inventory Management (IMS)

Online Inventory Management (IMS)

The recently online Online Inventory Management (IMS) The recently online inventory management system is required for all industries which want to manage product information and stock availability. CRMADDA is supported with the webcrm to manage your raw material, bill of material and finish product material information with stock availability. By this inventory, CRM management, you able to manage production with control and manage wastage of material. As well as Its helps you in financial management of the product.

We have designed and developed an inventory system for small and large bolt of industries as like a small ERP inventory management. We have given options to manage customer, vendor, product inventory (with raw and finish material stock availability), quotation, invoice and other features which required for the industries or company.


IMS With Login Protection

Warehouse Management

Product Price and Stock Management

Product Transfer to Warehouse Management

Product Purchase Management

Vendor Management

Customer Management

Sales Management

Quotations Management

Other Settings


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